Wiper Blades: 3 Best Rated Brands

If you live in a rainy climate then having wiper blades that work effectively can be a life saver. In Portland, Oregon we get our fair share of rain from October to April every year and a good blade is worth the research and extra money. Most experts agree that wiper blades are good for roughly 6 month to a year depending on the climate you are living in and how often you use the windshield wipers. Windshield treatments like RainX give wiper blades a much longer lifespan since they are working less hard at getting rid of the water buildup on the windshield. If the wipers work 50% of the time compared to the other drivers on the freeway, then the wiper blades should last twice as long. One other thing to consider for wiper blade life is “does the car get parked inside or outside?”. The blades on on a car that is parked on the street wear out much faster due to climate conditions than the cars in a garage.

Top Pick 1: Valeo 600
The top ranked wiper blades based on several reviews are the Valeo 600 Series ($9 for 18″ and $15 for 24 inch blades) which offer superior cleaning ability for at least the first 6 months at the best price. Other, more expensive brands, give you similar results but for the added money don’t perform any better than the Valeo wiper blades. The wiper blades are crafted with a synthetic rubber upper body and a natural rubber wiping edge. They are more flexible in cold temperatures and provide smoother and quieter wipes than most models. A protective coating on the blades helps protect them from fluids, UV, ozone, and dirt. You can see all the details online at http://ValeoWipersUSA.com.

Top Pick 2: RainX Lattitude
Looking for some new technology in a wiper blade? Check out the RainX Latitude ($17.99) which is top rated for longevity in windshield wipers. The RainX wipers have the contoured design which “applies even pressure along the entire blade length” per the RainX website. These beam wiper blades are twice as much as the Valeo blades listed above (18 inch) but you do get longer life and performance that is slightly better. From what we could find online in reviews posted to car forums, owners were happy with the results that the new RainX beam style blades provided during wet weather. You can see all the details online at http://www.rainx.com.

Top Pick 3: Bosch Icon
One of the more searched for terms associated with wiper blades was “Bosch Icon”. It appears that the Bosch Icon Wiper Blades ($18) are the newer beam blade design which are backetless blades. They are designed to give more uniform pressure along the wiper blade making for better performance and a smoother wipe. Marketed as “all-season” wiper blades, the Bosch Icon doesn’t show in independent tests that the blades last 20% longer as they are advertised, as indicated by Galtech.com. However, owners are happy with their performance and say the wipers work better than other brands when there is ice and snow on the windshield. They are also very quiet in their operation. Available on http://amazon.com.

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