HID Headlight Installation

Portland and Beaverton HID Headlight Installation

Available services:

  • Installation of high intensity discharge light bulbs to significantly improve headlight intensity and range.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are HID headlights? HID (high intensity discharge) headlights are a revolutionary concept in automotive light that provides 3 times more light on the road compared to traditional halogen headlights. Each light uses a tube of Xenon gas, and small amounts of other noble gases, placed between two high-voltage electrodes that emit a bright bluish/white light when electrodes are activated. Sophisticated ballasts are used to regulate the flow of electricity providing a high intensity beam that never fluctuates.
  • Can all cars be upgraded to HID? Most cars made after 1990 can be converted. Call or email for your specific application.
  • Are these new lights legal? We only install legal equipment.
  • How long does installation take? About two hours.


  • Remove headlight housings.  Remove light bulbs.  Insert HID light bulbs.  Install and securely mount balasts.  Connect balasts to light bulbs and connect balasts to 12 volt source.  Test and review quality of installation.


  • $150-$200, parts and labor. Call or email for your specific application.
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