What color cars are easiest to keep clean?

Easiest Paint Colors to Keep Clean

It’s difficult enough to keep any car of any color clean in the Pacific Northwest, but you’re doing yourself no favors if you choose darker colored paints or darker colored interiors. Paint colors like black, dark blue, dark green, and deep red look fantastic immediately after a car wash, but within a few days a thin film of dust accumulates (if dry) or a film of dirt (if wet) builds up…and your car soon looks dirty again.

Thus, for those looking to look clean and stay clean, these paint colors are ideal:

  • White
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Grey
  • Bright red


They have the additional benefits of not showing minor defects like swirls and light scratching in the clearcoat.

Black, although a popular choice for new car shoppers because of its curb appeal when just-washed, is far and away the highest maintenance color of all!

Easiest Interior Colors to Keep Clean

The same principle holds true on interiors:  the lighter the color, the easier it is to keep clean.  Again, black finishes in last place.  The tinest crumbs stick out like a sore thumb in your carpet.  As crumbs and dirt begin to accumulate in the seams of black leather, it looks dirty and unclean.

Light colored interiors like grey and tan are the simplest to keep clean…dirt simply becomes camoflauged in the carpet and seats.

Leather cuts down cleaning times

One final note:  leather is significantly easier to clean than cloth.  It does not absorb odor, food spills, or human skin like fabric interiors.  Instead of requiring shampooing, leather simply wipes clean.  If you can fit it into your budget, definitely opt for leather on your car’s interior.  It stays cleaner and ages slower than fabric.

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