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4 reasons to get your windows tinted.

Something shocking has occurred in Oregon lately.  Our solar system’s power plant, the star at its center, our Sun, has been making appearances in our sky.

Get your sunglasses, thongs, and sunscreen out.  And while your at it, why not UV protect yourself in your car where you spend over an hour a day!

Window tinting is not for the vain.  There are practical reasons to get your windows tinted:

  1. Safety. The contents of your car are less visible to thieves.  At night, there’s almost invisible, so if there is a prowler around he will almost certainly skip your car.
  2. Skin Protection. It’s amazing that people will put on skin block for a 15 min. walk, but none for a 1 hour drive!  Tint your windows to add 99.5% UV protection and you are creating a virtual UV bubble around yourself when driving.
  3. Prevent Damage to Your Car’s Interior. In the sun, dashboards shrink, crack, and discolor.  Leather hardens and discolors.  A $200 – $250 investment in window tinting will keep your car’s interior fresh for years.  You’ll get  more than your investment back when you sell your car in such great condition.
  4. Driving Safety. Glare from all directions is a major distraction on sunny days.  With tinted windows, you drive with fewer distractions and drive safely.

Although it may seem teenagers and movie stars are attracted to tinted windows, a handful of practical car owners know that the real benefits are not vain, but very very practical.

At Ace Car Reconditioning in Beaverton, we use top quality SunTek film with a lifetime guarantee enforced at all SunTek installer shops nationwide (if you move out of Portland, there will be a shop to provide you warranty service in your new city).  Your tint job is guaranteed to be finished on time, at a competitive price, and be free of all bubbles, wrinkles, and other flaws.

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